quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Narcissism and Celebrities


" The thriving globalization is turning things into better situations for citizens.
That’s in-your-face and undeniable. In South Africa I can talk to an Asian keypal without difficulties. Furthermore, I could see the face of that friend.
As the world has become a “village”, everyone’s closer to each other, and people can reach their wishes out more efficient and frequently. For example, the fame, jobs, in short: values which are exposed and wanted like labels became easier to achieve. Anyone can get famous just in a blink by uploading any innovative video on YouTube, even if that one hasn’t studied or worked enough to accomplish the goals.
As a result, more people have gotten noticeable, but unfortunately the majority of them don’t know how to handle this sudden fame. So sooner or later they’ll see the failure knocking on their door, even more if they face the new reality with extreme narcissism.
A crucial point which can determine the destiny of those “new celebrities” is that narcissism. I mean, every celebrity is narcissistic and so we are because that’s a common sort of human characteristic. Which levels can vary according to each one.
People who talk back to everybody (don’t care about the others and are always looking for success, beauty and fame, without worry about who’s on their way) are too narcissistic and have great possibilities of losing what they want. Just because they want too much."

Matheus de Simone Maciel

(16 anos) aluno do IFF-Cabo Frio

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